Who is S.Imeri GmbH?

S.Imeri GmbH is a family company and represents
Family values: responsibility and willingness to serve
are just a few of them.

We grow from our strengths and from innovations in the
Work techniques.

We built our company on the basis of trust and
built to high standards.

The customer comes first

This principle determines our strategies and
Understanding customer needs is
our core, along with the enthusiasm
for aesthetics and economy.

Attention to detail

No detail is required for successful work
small to pay attention to.
This is what we continuously deliver to everyone
of our employees.

Responsibility and competence

Committed employees have ours
Made company what it is.
Our growth is shaped by trust
and responsibility.


Our rich experience with all kinds of
Buildings gives us an advantage as we
have developed our own techniques,
to get the best possible quality level
to reach.

1999 - 2000


S.Imeri Company was founded by Mr. Sahit Imeri in Kosovo to be active in all Balkan countries.

The company quickly became the best and largest in its field.
Because Mr. Imeri from Europe brought his passion and professionalism for plastering and other
construction work with him.

2005 - 2007


The product of the vision is a highly professional company with almost 100 employees,
engineers and architects who have no tolerance for mistakes.

With our specialized teams, we dominate the local market and grow in a very
strong environment that is our customers.

Our customers are our most valuable asset. We differ from any other
company in our ability to understand all our customers’ projects,
improve them in terms of time and quality.



S.Imeri is expanded by two new companies in the Balkans.
GLOSI – distributor and wholesaler of plaster products, paints and other
renovation products.

ESCO Solar Systems – An engineering office for the planning, installation, operation and
maintenance of photovoltaic systems.



With full confidence in our experience and professionalism, we are expanding our activities
in Germany.

Fully prepared, with exceptional teams, S.Imeri GmbH enters the German market
to shine


We do everything to make our name only
stands for excellent performance!


There is no project that is too small or too big for us to fully engage with.
We start every project with competence and attention to detail.

Our engineers, architects and site managers are at your side for your projects

We invite you to contact us to see how we can do that for your project
Can do best.

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Wie gerne sprechen mit Ihnen über Ihr Projekt.

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